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The ‘Train des Pignes’ has been meandering through the French countryside for over 100 years. It connects Nice to Digne les Bains in the Alpes. Pignes means pine in French. Some say the train was given its name as it chugged along so slowly that passengers could pick pine cones from the track and jump back on. The little train probably travels a little faster than it did. The journey to Dignes des Bains takes three and a half hours.

Half way along the train line is another place lost in time. Entrevaux is a Medieval village that dates from 11th Century. Stepping off the Train des Pignes and crossing the draw bridge into the town, that was given royal status by Francois I, is like stepping into a different world. The narrow streets eventually lead to a village square and the cathedral. There are a couple of lovely restaurants where it is very easy to wile away a couple of hours before getting back on the sleepy train to take you back to the hustle and bustle of Nice.

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