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If you were to take a straw poll of all the different conversations taking place on the beaches across the Côte D’Azur every summer, it is fairly likely that around a third of these chit chats between friends and family would involve the following discussion: “Are there any jellyfish in the water?”. So you can feel part of it all, this is the jellyfish ritual regulars like to observe and participate in.

If you see a jellyfish floating near the shore, you should find a small child, who has a bucket, or a man who has brought his goggles and flippers to the beach and use these implements to fish the horrible critters out. They should then be placed together near the shore, clearly visible, so people don’t step on them, as a warning to other bathers who may come to the beach after you have left.

N.b. Jellyfish on the Côte D’Azur tend to be  small with a slight violet tinge.  They do sting but it is usually not too bad. Life guards on the beach will have a topical cream you can apply. Otherwise something acidic also tends to do the trick.


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