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France has witnessed a number of violent incidents in the last couple of months.  Last month the Mayor of Nice banned foreign flags in the city after celebrations of Algeria’s victory in the World Cup turned violent.  The ban stayed in place until the end of the World cup.  This Sunday saw a pro-Palestinian march in Paris turn violent, culminating in the torching of cars and violence outside two synagogues.  The two acts may not appear to be directly related.  But whether it is the case or not the ‘Magrebin’ living in the banlieu are often blamed for this sort of violence.

Feelings run really high on this subject in Nice.  It is about 10 years since France saw some of the worst violence in recent years, with the torching of cars, scooters and attacks on people in the old town of Nice.   And to be honest it doesn’t seem as if much has changed.

A good friend of mine, when telling me of Sundays violence against the Jewish community said “but in France aren’t we all French?”  It appears that France’s Algerian population still doesn’t feel very French.

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